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Serbia and Montenegro’s population is anything but homogeneous, and that is one of the causes for the strife of the past few years. Although the majority of the population- more than 60%- is ethnic Serb, there are substantial numbers of Montenegrins and Albanians too. In addition, there are localised pockets of other ethnic groups, including Romanians, Hungarians, Croats and Romani gypsies. Because of this diversity, it’s difficult to assign a national identity to the people of this country. They are, however, united in their love for music, for good food and wine, and in their innate friendliness- a boon for any traveller.

The official language is Serbo- Croat, in its Serbian form. It’s a Balkan language akin to Croatian; the major difference between the two languages lies in script- Serbian uses a Cyrillic script, whereas Croatian uses a Latin script. The other important language used in the country is Albanian, and most people also understand German. In larger cities, you’re likely to meet people who can speak English or French, but it’s always advisable to learn at least a few words of Serbian- it invariably helps you make friends fast.

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