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Serbia & Montenegro , former Yugoslavia has much that would appeal to travellers- beautiful mountains, great beaches, good food and even better drink; handicrafts, a rich historical heritage, churches, palaces and museums by the dozen. Unfortunately, just as Yugoslavia was gearing up to get into the international tourism scene in a big way, everything fell apart. Civil war erupted in the 1990s, leading to mass killings, displacements and damage.

Today, after years of destruction, Yugoslavia’s limping back- hopefully to normality. Train services and roads are still unreliable and damaged; good hotels and restaurants are still restricted to the larger cities; but things are changing. Tourists have started to re-appear, both in Belgrade and in the resorts along the Adriatic coast. A few precautions, a bit of preparation, and some help from the local tourist office- and you can have a very rewarding vacation.

A tip of advice before you order a drink for yourself in Serbia as the Serbians do not seem to resemble the English version at all. For instance Pivo is used when you start your beer and not when you finish up. A Sok means fresh juice and not what you wear in your feet and Voda certainly does not mean an alcoholic shot but simply water.

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