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Food in Seychelles

Food of the Seychelles predictably reflects the ethnic diversity on the island. Creole cuisine that is found easily all over the islands is delicious and is prepared in a fascinating variety of ways. Standard Créole dishes are daube, a sweet sauce or stew; rougaille, a tomato-based sauce used with fish, sausages or as a side dish; carii coco, meat or fish curry with coconut cream; and brèdes, a native type of spinach. There are also strong Indian influences - coconut milk and chillies are used widely in fish and vegetable curries. Continental food that uses herbs and garlic can also be found.

The local seafood delicacies are red snapper (known locally as bourzwa), kingfish, tuna steaks parrot fish and even barracuda and octopus curry! Fish and rice is the staple combination. Chinese-style stir-fries are a popular way of consuming locally caught fish. Breadfruit, an exotic fruit with a nutty taste and floury texture, is consumed in a variety of ways – fried like chips or boiled. Legend has it that once the traveler eats breadfruit on the Seychelles, he/she is sure to return one day, so eat your breadfruit with this knowledge!

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