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Sightseeing in Mahe

The options for sightseeing in Mahe are restricted to the visit to its gardens, craft centres and museums. The Botanical Gardens contains a microcosm of the island’s lush and largely unique vegetation, including the national symbol, Coco de Mer palms. The popular nut of Coco de Mer is unique to the Seychelles and is considered as one of the heaviest nut on the earth that weighs around 15-30kgs, is 40 -50 cms in diameters and contains the largest seed in the plant kingdom.

The two prominent museums in Mahe are the Natural History Museum and the National History Museum. While the Natural History Museum is interesting for the eclectic (even eccentric) display of items, the National History Museum has more information and exhibits on the culture and history of the Seychelles.

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