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With the fall of the Communist regime and the collapse of the iron curtain, the former country of Czechoslovakia split into two in 1993. The quieter, less glamorous half became the Republic of Slovakia with its capital at Bratislava. Where the Czech Republic has style, flair and romance, Slovakia is quieter, less developed, but just as pretty with great historical and scenic value.

Cities like Bratislava have a quaint charm that is distinctly old-fashioned, and the countryside is full of castles: Spis, Turna, Nitra, Pocuvadlo and many others. A large part of Slovakia- especially the mountains of the Tatras- are beautifully unspoilt and excellent for trekking and climbing. But the best thing about the country is its population - warm, friendly people, who still retain many of their ancient customs and traditions, and have a rich cultural heritage which has managed to survive, pretty much intact, through the turmoil of the 20th century.

Slovaks believe in giving and receiving flowers in odd numbers, except for 13 which is considered unlucky by them. Moreover, chrysanthemums or calla lilies wrapped in purple ribbon are considered inauspicious as they are reserved for funerals.

When in Slovakia take a dip in the natural curative springs which are believed to cure a variety of diseases and ailments. They are therapeutically effective for the treatment of some allergic diseases and non-specified upper respiratory tract ailments.

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