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An old and at one time, important town on the River Danube, Bratislava is one of those cities in Europe which were occupied and influenced by close to half-a-dozen different civilizations; each of whom left its mark on the city and its culture. The Turks ruled from Bratislava; so did the Austrians, the Hungarians; the Romans in ancient and the Soviets in modern times. In the cityscape, the signature styles of Soviet rule remain in the form of dull box-like apartment blocks and stolid buildings. But a lot of the city’s former character and beauty has managed to survive the ravages of time in the palaces, churches, cathedrals and medieval bridges.

After nearly fifty years of communist rule, Bratislava is a city emerging from the isolation and insularity of communist days. Pubs, taverns, international restaurants and smart theaters keep the city awake till the wee hours of the morning; and the tourists are increasing with every passing year. It’s a city filled with glamour of its European counterparts but has a glory and charm, all its own.

Bratislava is often known as 'the little big city'. Why? Because it is the smallest capital in this part of the world, making it a small city but one that has huge offerings - thus big city!

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