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Most travelers to South Africa tend to think of Johannesburg, or good ol’ Jo’burg as just someplace they need to pass though to get to someplace else. They are not entirely right. Jo’burg is definitely a very important transport hub, but it is also much more than that. With about a hundred years of turbulent political and cultural history behind it, and a pulsating spirit of upheaval and hope infusing it in post-apartheid times, Jo’burg is one of the most exciting cities in South Africa today.

True, the excitement tends to be charged with an edge of danger, because Johanna also has a remarkably high crime rate, but since violent crime is usually a restricted, local phenomenon, travellers need not be put off visiting Jo’burg for this reason. Take adequate precautions and preferably arm yourself with a reliable local guide, and your eyes will be opened to what makes contemporary, inter-racial, urban South Africa tick today.

So come to Johannesburg!

Johannesburg is sunny city – it receives an average of twelve hours of sunlight in a day!

Johannesburg is a gold digger's dream come true! Forty percent of the world's gold is found in the Jo’burg area. This is also the reason why Jo'burg is nicknamed ‘egoli’, which means place of gold.

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