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Seoul the tenth largest city in the world, is everything a national capital should be (at least from the point of view of a tourist)- easily accessible and chock full of tourist attractions. Although most of Seoul’s present architecture- its busy expressways and soaring skyscrapers- date back only to the 1950s when the city was virtually rebuilt from scratch, Seoul also has a large number of monuments which have survived intact from earlier times.

Within the city of Seoul, you’ll find amazingly beautiful ancient pagodas, palaces, temples and shrines, gates and gardens. Combined with the fact that the city offers relatively good accommodation and great transportation facilities, it’s hardly surprising that it’s usually a big hit with most travellers in South Korea.

There are certain norms to be followed where etiquette and manners is concerned in Seoul. Remember the Koreans are very formal people and these are some pointers:

1. While dining, you will normally be seated on the floor. Please sit with crossed legs and remember that spoons are used for rice and chopsticks for noodles. While eating or after eating do not leave the chopsticks sticking out of the bowl, since it again signifies death and is considered to be an omen.

2. Do not ever write any Korean name in the colour red – again this signifies death.

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