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Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

Fortunately for most tourists (and for the local economy, which is largely dependent on tourism as a source of income!), Sri Lanka’s climate is pretty balmy – cool, pleasant and without the extremes of temperature encountered in countries like India.

Ideally, the best time to visit Sri Lanka is either between December and March, if you’re headed for the highlands or the west and south coasts, or between May and September, if you’re visiting the east coast.


Sri Lanka is a typical example of a tropical zone, with a well defined summer and winter, interspersed by two monsoons – the south-west monsoon (in May-August) and the north-east monsoon (in October-January). The climate is generally temperate, with temperatures rarely rising above 35? C. The central highlands have a much cooler climate with mean temperatures hovering at a comfortable 16 degrees Celsius.

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