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Sightseeing in Kandy

Easily one of the best known and most sacred of Buddhist shrines in Sri Lanka, the Temple of the Tooth at Kandy is a World Heritage Site. It dates back to the 16th century and houses a relic of great significance – a tooth believed to be that of the Buddha. During the lunar month of Esala (July/August), the Esala Dalada Perahera festival is celebrated with a procession, and is a spectacle worth seeing, complete with drummers, dancers and richly decorated elephants.

Located two and a half hours away from Colombo on the road to Kandy is the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, a great favourite with visitors to Sri Lanka. Orphaned baby tuskers are looked after by foster parents in this government run sanctuary. The babies are a big draw and best hours to visit the Orphanage are bath and feed times.

The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens spread across 60 hectares of sheer greenery - Sri Lanka’s largest botanic gardens. The gardens are situated 68 miles off-Colombo, 4 miles off Kandy with its large variety of plants ornaments, useful machines and other creepers that produce the special spices at Sri Lanka. The best known attraction of these Gardens is the Orchid House which has about 300 varieties of delicate orchids. The trees and plants in the gardens are also used for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.

The Udawattakelle Sanctuary -one of Kandy’s green areas, has been a site of importance since the 14th century. The sanctuary covering 257 acres of land is home to a variety of animals, birds and insects. Yellow-fronted barbet, layard's parakeet, hanging birds and spot-winged thrush are some of the species that can be seen in the sanctuary.

Lankatilaka Temple, Gadaladeniya Temple, Embekke Temple and the Hindu Shrines are some of the ancient temples that are worth a visit.

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