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A scintillating blend of pastoral, rustic lifestyles and metropolitan attractions, the mountainous paradise called Switzerland attracts tourists of varied persuasions. Switzerland is the land of cuckoo clocks and bankers, historic landmarks and chalet-dotted countryside.

Though the Swiss are united neither by religion or language they have lived peacefully together for centuries and have maintained their neutrality which has since become their hallmark. They have deliberately kept aloof from political issues the world over and are a self-contained nation, both culturally and economically. Visitors often presume that this would mean meeting a reserved and unfriendly people – Not true! The Swiss can envelop you with their warm hospitality as soon as you allow them to… so be ready for one of the most pleasant travel experiences when you come a-visiting.

Seems like the Swiss have penchant for time – some of the renowned luxury watch brands, like Baume et Mercier, Piguet, Breitling, Chopard, Franck Muller, Audemars, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rado, Rolex, Tag heuer, Tissot are all Swiss.

In Switzerland it is anathema to loose your piece of bread in your cheese. There is a penalty you will pay and that could be paying for the next bottle of wine, singing a song or something else as embarrassing!

Do you remember Julie Andrews yodelling in Sound of Music? Yodelling originated in Switzerland when one farmer wanted to communicate with the other on the next mountain!

The Swiss are the largest consumers of chocolates. The average Swiss eats 23 lbs of chocolates per year compared to the 11.7 lbs consumed by each American annually. “Lindt” are the most famous Swiss chocolates known worldwide.

For such a small country Switzerland has four official languages – French, Italian, German and Romansch.

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