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Eating Out in Geneva

Dining in Geneva can be a real pleasure, but like most other things in the city, it can be quite expensive. You can find restaurants serving anything from exotic Thai fare to tandoori chicken. It is important to note that many restaurants close on weekends. The city’s traditional dishes include cardon – a locally grown vegetable baked with some Gruyere, and longesole ( pork sausage with cabbage). Catch from Lake Geneva such as omble is a favorite staple.

Options for entertainment in Geneva are quite a few, although most of the nightlife centers round the quayside. Bars on the Carouge along the river are popular hangouts with the young crowd as well as the diplomats. You can have some quiet drinks at the sober Le Baroque, or dance the night away at the multilevel dance floors of Arthur’s, which mixes house and other music. Though clubbing is not very popular, you could try out the Platinum or the newly opened Java Club and have a swinging time.

The magnificent Grand Theater stages some classy productions between June and September. The Victoria Hall concert centre has seen some of the world’s most celebrated orchestras perform here.

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