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The main gateway to the northern hill areas of Thailand is the ‘Rose of the North’, better known as the city of Chiang Mai. The region is a picturesque one of high mist covered mountains, fertile river valleys, thick forests of teak, hot springs and thermal geysers, hill tribes and ancient towns, and in the midst of all these is Chiang Mai- ancient, beautiful, unique.

The mountains surrounding Chiang Mai are home to around 250,000 to 500,000 tribes-people of the ethnic hill tribes of Karen, Meo, Akha, Lahu, Lisu and Yao origin. All of them still retain their traditional and distinct cultures and religious beliefs. Each tribe has its distinctive style, which is apparent in the pattern of weaves and jewellery worn by them as part of their elaborate costumes. Hand crafted silver jewellery, hand embroidery and woven rugs; shawls and textiles are the regions specialty, making Chiang Mai the centre of Thailand''s rich and prolific crafts industry.

Over the years Chiang Mai has changed considerably- modernization brought to the city improved transportation and accommodation facilities, tourism related services,crafts factories catering to overseas visitors and markets and more- all things that go to make Chiang Mai an attractive destination for both tourists and business travellers.

Chiang Mai is rated among the top 10 cities in Asia which is suitable for a perfect and a peaceful living. If you wish to seek peace and solitude then Chiang Mai is the place where you should be. The atmosphere here is chilled out and the tourist spot enjoys a mild climate throughout the year. It is also recorded that there are more than 20,000 foreigners that are presently living in Chiang Mai.

Check out the unique neck ornamentation of the tribal Padaung women of Chiang Mai. They are renowned for wearing brass rings around their necks in order to distort the growth of their collarbones and make them look as if they have long necks. A woman generally carries twenty rings around her neck and this neck ring adornment starts when the girls are 5 years old.

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