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Best Time to Visit Trinidad & Tobago

The best time to visit Trinidad & Tobago is the winter season or the dry season (December to May). During the day the average temperature is around 91 degrees Fahrenheit and at night it drops down to 70 degree Fahrenheit. The months between June and October are the hottest, while May, June and July are the months with maximum rainfall.

The peak season to travel to Trinidad & Tobago is the winter/dry season . During this time tourists from all over come to visit because the climate is most agreeable temperature averaging between 75 to79 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a good time to go sightseeing and explore the huge biodiversity of the country. The country also hosts a very popular Carnival during this season. This is a very popular time for tourists to visit the island.

The rainy season (June to mid September) is the off season . Trinidad & Tobago get a huge about of rainfall and the temperatures are fairly high during the day, while nights are a little cooler. The prices can be a little cheaper for accommodation and flights. At this time you can see the flowers in full bloom. It is a good time to see the migratory birds that come to the island to escape the southern winters. Trinidad & Tobago is outside the hurricane belt, but slight storms could hit the island. However, the rainy season is interrupted for a month by the Petite Careme (Indian summers) in mid September making the climate dry.

October to December and April to June is considered the shoulder season and you can find fantastic deals on flights and accommodations at this time. People in Trinidad & Tobago celebrate various festivals and carnivals . If you are there in October, you can see the celebrations of the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali. Deyas (small oil-lamps) are little all over the streets and in and outside the houses. This is a public holiday. Diwali Nagar is another festival where there is a lot of Indian traditional dancing, singing and drama. There are stalls selling the typical Indian food.

The country hosts it’s most famous and popular Pre-Lenten Carnival in the month of February or March depending on when the Easter falls. The Carnival is held on Monday and Tuesday, before the Ash Wednesday. There is an air of celebrations with a lot of singing and dancing. The streets are paraded with costumed people accompanied with steel bands playing Calypso and Soca music on large loudspeaker on trucks going around the city. There are a lot of open air parties and fetes held. This is the best time to be in Trinidad if you want to experience the cultures and traditions and celebrations.


The trade winds that sweep the island keep the tropical climate under control and rarely does the mercury cross the ‘hot’ mark. December to April is the so-called winters characterised by a slight chill in the evenings. Winters recede in April leaving the land dry and arid. The last days of May are characterised by heavy rains that continue right up to December with a little break in September.

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