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Tunisia Tourism

Deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, sheer cliffs, sunny skies and old cities with exotic souks full of the magic of Arabian nights – carpets, perfume, incense, spices, copper and brass, gold and silver. A warm and friendly people who live in the heart of the Mediterranean, whose civilization and culture developed and grew with new influences absorbed the from both the east and the west - from Phoenicians to the Romans, Byzantinians, Arabs, Ottoman Turks and the French; a country resplendent with a heritage of Punic and Roman ruins and medieval cities.

A country that is part of the Arab world yet stands apart in its liberal outlook. So come to Tunisia - the smallest of the Maghreb states attracts millions of tourists to its sun soaked beaches, legendary cities and ancient ruins.

The sun soaked beaches, legendary cities and ancient ruins are a major attraction in Tunisia. There's lot of action and adventure in the country and so you won't be disappointed on your trip to Tunisia.

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