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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Owing to the intense heat during its summer months, the best time to visit Dubai is in winter, between November to April.

Whilst in November the temperatures average in the mid to late 20 degrees Celsius range, the mercury begins to drop by December, with temperatures averaging 15 to 20 degrees between December to early February, before rising once again by March. Further, the days experience plenty of sunshine, with the evenings tending to become slightly cooler as a gentle wind and occasional rain spreads across the city. These ideal weather conditions allow visitors to indulge in the many activities offered in Dubai including desert safari’s, camping, relaxing by the pristine beaches and taking in the many sight and sounds of this cosmopolitan city. In addition to the pleasant weather during these months, the renonwed Dubai Shopping Festivals also takes place between January to March, for a period of about 4 weeks, and is a bustling time in the city. These months are the peak tourist periods for the city, and thus advance booking for hotels and flights is recommended if planning a visit.

The summer months of May to October are best avoided, as temperatures soar upto 40 degrees Celsius, with high humidity and low winds, making the outdoors very uncomfortable in the region.

Another facet to keep a lookout for when planning your next visit to Dubai, is the Ramadan month of fasting celebrated in the region. During this month, eating, drinking, smoking and few other activities are prohibited in public areas. If visiting during these times, one is expected to strictly adhere to the rules of this religious festival. As a consequence, most hotel and flight rates may tend to fall during this month. Whilst the exact dates for Ramadan vary each year, as per the Islamic calendar, over the next few years it is expected to occur between the months of July to September.

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