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Countless children across the world have heard of Ukraine - not from maps or geography textbooks, but from the compilations of Ukrainian Folk Tales which seem to be universally popular. Stories of magical bears and wolves; of witches and the handsome princes who outwitted them. Stories which bring a country to life- a country of bitter cold winters and warm, friendly households. Of potent vodka and onion-domed churches; of some of the most spectacular architecture in the CIS; of grasslands stretching as far as the eye can see, of warm Black Sea beaches and the Battleship Potemkin. This is a country dotted with names familiar to any student of history: Odessa, Sevastopol, Kiev, Yalta and Chernobyl.

A country which has weathered many storms, from nuclear disaster to forced communism- a country which is now on the upswing, opening its doors to tourists flocking to Kiev’s St Sophia Cathedral, to the beaches of Crimea, the national parks of the Western Carpathians.

Did you know that the Ukrainians were the first people to have lived on Earth? Well, Trypillia, a village that is situated in Ukraine, 40 km from Kyiv has been traced as the most ancient civilization in the world. Trypillians lived on the Earth in the period 5,400 - 2,700 BC!!

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