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Eating Out in Kiev

Kiev may not be as full of international tourists as the Black Sea resorts, but when it comes to opportunities for dining out, the capital city does pretty well for itself. Kiev has an extensive range of restaurants and eateries, including some which float on the river Dnieper, and plenty which have live folk music and dance shows. Besides the long list of local delicacies usually on sale, there are also cuisines from around the world- from Mexico, Italy, France, India, China and other countries- available. A note of caution: when eating in a local restaurant, check whether `extras’ like bread, butter, cream and the like are free or not. Presuming that they will be complimentary could result in a bad shock, as many restaurants charge for these.

Kiev’s many bars, nightclubs, discos and casinos, some expensive, but many surprisingly affordable. The city’s forte, however, is not just drinks, loud music and strip joints, but classic entertainment- of the opera, ballet and symphony music genre. Kiev bursts with excellent venues, such as the Shevchenko National Ukrainian Opera, the Operetta Theater, the National Ukrainian Opera, the Youth Theater, the Conservatory, the Republican Hall of Chamber Music and too many more to list! All of them have some event or the other on almost all through the year, so you probably won’t find yourself with nowhere to spend an idle evening.

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