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North-east of Kiev lies the 7th century town of Chernihiv , once a chief town of the Kyivan-Rus princedom. Chernihiv’s administrative importance has since declined, but the city’s worth a visit if only to see the lovely Spassky Cathedral, constructed in 1024. Chernihiv also boasts of a large complex of 11th and 12th century churches, two monasteries and some medieval fortifications, mostly now in ruins.

Located on the Ros River, about 75 km south-west of Kiev is the city of Bila Tserkva (`White Church’). Bila Tserkva has much to recommend it- a vibrant, interesting history being not the least. The city was the scene of a historic Cossack rebellion during the 17th century, and is the site of an ethnographic museum, two drama theatres and a 17th century church known as St Nicholas’. Also among Bila Tserkva’s attractions is a vast, landscaped dendrochronological park considered to be one of East Europe’s best.

Originally a fortress by the mouth of the river Suma, Sumy developed in the 17th century north-east of Kiev. By the end of the 18th century, the city had evolved into a commercial center, specializing in the production of handicrafts; today, the city is home to a number of interesting museums and churches. The Sumy Fine Arts Museum, the Museum of Local Lore, and the Chekhov Museum are all worth visiting, as are the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Church of Christ’s Resurrection, and the Cathedral of Christ’s Transfiguration, and the Church of Sts Peter and Paul. The Cathedral of Christ’s Transfiguration is particularly well-known for the beauty of its architecture and the exquisite icons which decorate its interiors.

About 160 km south-east of Kiev is the industrial town of Cherkassy , established in the closing years of the 14th century, and a Cossack regimental town for many years. Cherkassy, besides being a historic town, is also a town of cultural significance; it is home to a good regional museum, a planetarium, a philharmonic society, and a number of drama and puppet theaters.

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