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It seems as if nature has handpicked its best features and laid them on the map of United States. The topography of the country is just as diverse as its climate which is a reflection of almost all kinds of weather conditions in the world. Therefore, its quite normal for an adventure enthusiast to get itchy for a hands on experience on activities in a place like this. So, lets take a quick look at what all you can do when you're here:-

Biking for starters is not entirely a bad idea. Pedalling gets as good as it can in America, in the company of mountains at West Virginia's state parks, along the shores at San Juan Islands or amidst the coastal plains spread out in the east. In fact, except the highways that aren't fit enough for cycles, all neighbourhoods of the country cater to bikers.

Fishing is a great pick for those who want to participate in an activity without being active. For a great catch you should be sailing on the waters of Hawaii where places like Kona Coast are pretty good for amateurs to boost their reputation at fishing. Just cap your head in the sun, release your bait in the water and take a short nap while you wait for the fish to come.

Canoeing can be fun at a place like America that has myriad lakes and gurgling rivers for paddlers to speed into. Check out the coast of Maine and Boundary Waters Canoe Area at Minnesota for a classic ride while exploring the waters.

Apart from these activities, you should'nt miss out on the joys of skiing, golfing, river rafting and bird watch during your trip to America.

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