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Untamed, dramatic, savage beauty, never-ending days and never-ending nights -- these are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Alaska. Derived from Aleyaska meaning "great land of the west", Alaska is the northern frontier of the USA. Gigantic glaciers, vast fields of snow, verdant forests, towering mountains including Mt McKinley, the tallest in the country, abundant wildlife, mining towns, indigenous people -- Alaska has them all! Wildlife roams free in the vast expanse of this land and includes grizzly bear, moose, musk ox, reindeer and fur seals on the coast. Plant life is as varied as the land – shrubs and herbs, salmonberry and chocolate lily, Pasque flower and prickly rose – all this and much more.

If you have a yen for wild untouched places and see yourself as a modern day explorer, come to Alaska where, at every turn, there is the unusual and unseen for you to discover.Alaska maybe a demanding destination but the rewards will far outweighs the travails it presents!

The coastline of Alaska is more than all of the coastline United States put together!

The country’s highest peak, Mount McKinley is to be found here as is the largest glacier, Muldrow-34 miles long, on the north side of the Alaska Range.

Despite climate changes, the largest tidewater glacier on the North American continent, Hubbard, has been thickening and advancing toward the Gulf of Alaska ever since it was first mapped in 1895.

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