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Anchorage Museum, Anchorage (Alaska)
Anchorage Museum
Anchorage Museum, Anchorage

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A Spanish fiesta, a Native American cultural festival, a procession in honour of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patricks, a Gullah festival honoring African-American culture, Chinese New Year celebrations --- American culture is a pot-pourrie of cultures. Taking a little from here and a little from there and coming up with a culture all their own! You do not have to travel across the globe to know more about different cultural practices. Just visit America and you can be part of the tremendous cultural diversity apparent here - -- a natural consequence in a society composed of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Over the ages, immigrants from Italy, Britain, Ireland, Spain, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia have brought with them their own cultural traditions and beliefs, which have been co-opted in varying degrees to become part of American culture!

The arts are alive and kicking in the US of A! Some of the most spectacular shows, the most compelling theater, ballet and music events are being produced in America. Most large cities have their own ballet and theater companies as well as symphony orchestras, which have regular performances! Magnificent musicals mounted on a grandiose scale are well received and run for months on end. America's contribution to music is astounding and the impact on worldwide audiences incredible -- everyone everywhere seems to be dancing to American tunes! The music industry in America is well oiled and has been able to spread it tentacles worldwide -Michael Jackson and Madonna are familiar names from Romania to Malaysia and many countries in between.

Hand-crafted may seem like an anachronism in modern, heavily industrialized, mechanized, computer-driven America. Fortunately, the USA has made efforts to preserve crafts and though it is not all pervasive, it is there all right! In fact a conscious attempt is made to celebrate the craft traditions of a region by holding special Arts & Crafts fairs and festivals that serve as tourist attractions too. Many major tourist sites have stores promoting local crafts, which go a long way in ensuring that these crafts survive into the next generation.

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