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Anchorage Museum, Anchorage (Alaska)
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Anchorage Museum, Anchorage

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Getting around in United States Of America

The best way to get around most places in U.S.A is by car - exceptions are cities like New York and Washington and a few others where traffic and parking are maddening. Follow some basic rules while driving: try to travel mostly in the daytime, carry spare tires and tools, and use a good road map! Another good way to travel across the United States is to use the bus network in the country. Amtrak trains offer intercity passenger train services but these trains do not cover the country comprehensively. This option can work out to be expensive. Though traveling by air is generally expensive, there are some routes where it makes sense and is marginally more expensive than bus tickets. Also, off-season discount tickets are an attractive option. Do not attempt to hitchhike -it can be extremely dangerous in the US and is an invitation to trouble!

Within the cities, options to get around include public transit facilities as varied as metro rail, subways, buses, trolleys, trams, cable cars and ferries and boats, cycling, taxis or driving your own car. Your two feet will also help you negotiate your way around many sights!!

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