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Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide

Old Faithful, Steamboat, Fishing Cone, Big Gumper -- head for Yellowstone National Park if you want to know more! These are the names given to the amazing geo-thermal phenomena here -- geysers and volcanoes which fume and spew out hot water, steam and boiling mud. The first national park in the country, Yellowstone is also extremely popular. Battle with the summer crowds if you must, but do not miss the unforgettable experience of seeing a host of wild life eking out their existence in this surrealistic landscape.

Visitor Alert! For safety reasons, please consult with the park rangers when exploring trails. Do not approach or provoke wild animals. Stay a good distance away from bubbling or you may get scalded. Try not to bicycle or walk in the park area as wild animals are at large. Most regions in the park have clinics. Contact them in any emergency.

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