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Sightseeing in Yellowstone National Park

Noisy geysers letting of steam, cool lakes, magnificent waterfalls, bubbling mud pools, colorful wildflowers, enormous herds of bisons and elks, lonely bears, rumbling volcanoes -- the Yellowstone National Park has all this and more!

Old Faithful, the most popular geyser is named for its consistency in spewing out steam and water every 80 minutes. Walk along the trails connecting to the other geysers and hot springs and hopefully, you will be in time for the twice-a-day eruption of the Grand geyser.

Walk along Firehole River, which is thirty miles north of Old Faithful and take in the awesome Grand Prismatic Spring, the Excelsior Geyser Crater and the Fountain Paint Pot with its a muddy bubbling brew. The Norris Geyser basin boasts of the Steamboat - the tallest geyser at 400 ft, Echinus Geyser, - the largest acid water geyser and the jewel-like Emerald Spring, so named because of the beautiful blue and yellow colours of the water.

Mammoth Hot Springs live up to their name and are characterized by multi-colored bacterial species in the steaming waters. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is striking- its red and rust rocky face and the two beautiful waterfalls, the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls best viewed from interestingly named observation points such as Artists Point and Inspiration Point. Walk along Uncle Tom's trail to take a closer look at the Lower Falls.

Pristine and deep, the Yellowstone Lake, the largest alpine lake in the U.S offers excellent fishing and boating. In summer one can actually take a boating or fishing expedition I the lake. At Fishing Cone, earlier tourists actually cooked the fish they caught in the lake!

North of the lake, sulphur fumes assail you at Mud Volcano, a bleak and desolate area where the earth seethes and gurgles quite ominously. Walk along this barren stretch till the Sour Lake, aptly named for the lack of anything attractive here.

You can also get off the beaten track and explore the park on lesser-known trails. Be sure to consult park rangers before you do so and take enough provisions and a good map.

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