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Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan

Weather wise the best times to travel to Uzbekistan are spring and autumn when temperatures are amenable and in the range of 10 - 27 degree Celsius. The hottest month is July at almost 40 degree C at the height. Spring, which lasts from the end of February to April beginning, and autumn, from end August to October,are pleasantly sunny with cool breezes whispering through the land. Trekkers heading for the Tian Shan should plan their trip for the summer.

The winter months from November to March are very cold in the mountains with temperatures plummeting to -8 degrees C. In the cities and towns the temperatures are higher and in the single digit numbers.

On the day of Navrus when the Uzbeks celebrate the New Year you want to be in the sparkling city of Samarkand. All over Uzbekistan Navrus is celebrated with gusto: dancing, singing and cock fights add to the colour on the streets, fairs and theatrical plays are visited and watched, and there’s great feasting. In Samarkand, the festivities are even more special. Navrus is celebrated over two days around the vernal equinox, around the 21st of March.


Uzbekistan has a short sharp winter and in the coldest month of January average temperatures usually dip as low as -8°C. In July, which is the hottest month, average temperatures are usually 27°C. This applies for most of the country: the southeastern foothills, the Ferghana Valley, the central expanse of the Qarshi Steppe. In the desert though, both the heat and the cold are exaggerated. In the higher reaches of the mountains many peaks are perennially snowbound.

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