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Uzbekistan Tourism

Uzbekistan straddles the east and the west of Asia, set as it is bang in the centre of the Great Silk Route. Architectural wonders built in ancient times juxtaposed against bustling market places that are the abuzz with activity, Uzbekistan is an interesting place.

Succulent shashlik kebabs dripping spicy juice on a skewer with tumblers of steaming tea at an Uzbek choikhana: the highway makes its way past this, stringing together tea stalls, gold toothed fruit vendors, doppy capped men, blue mosaic, brown landscape, white cotton fields, the fertile Ferghana, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent…

The Silk Road meets Timurleng meets Central Asian Republic.

The hub of social and economic life, bazaars have the hum, the buzz and the bristling bustle of Uzbek life like no other venue so no matter whichever cities you visit while you are in Uzbekistan, ensure that you spend an evening at the bazaar. Amidst swathes of slinky silks, mountains of luscious fruits and stacks of exquisite carpets and colourful rugs, over endless cups of tea at the chaikhanas, men and women meet to share the day’s gossip in merry camaraderie. The Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent, the main bazaar near the Bibi Khanym mosque at Samarkand and the ancient domed bazaars of Bukhara all have that vibrancy!

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The twin disasters of an earthquake and Soviet architecture stripped Tashkent, the capital of the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan, ...

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