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Best Time to Visit Venezuela

Venezuela is good to visit any time of the year as the country experiences a pleasant climate year round with the average temperature never exceeding 30 degree Celsius. Having said that, the best time to visit Venezuela is during the dry season that runs through December to April.

The much awaited Carnival with the Procession of the Holy Shepherdess is celebrated during February. Venezuela holidays over Christmas and Holy Week (week before Easter Sunday), so if you plan your trip during this time make sure to book your accommodation, flights etc well in advance as a huge crowd visits the country for the Carnival and other festivities. This is the time when Venezuela comes alive and the real action takes place.

To avoid paying high prices for trip and escape the holiday crowd, visit Venezuela during rainy or off-festival season (May till November). It is best to enjoy the spectacular view of Angel Falls during the wet season as due to the rains the water in the falls is in full spate.


Due to its topography and altitude Venezuela experiences a lot of variation in its climate. The climate of the country ranges from alpine to tropical humid. Widely there are two seasons in the country; the rainy season in which starts from May till November, and the dry season which extends from December till April.

Venezuela is close to the equator, so temperatures vary little through the year. The temperature varies with latitude and drops about 6 degree Celsius with every 1000 m increase. More than 90% of the country lies below 1000 m, so temperatures remain between 22°C and 30°C. It rains seasonally, as mentioned above the rainy season included the months from May till October.

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