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Venezuela Tourism

One of the richest nations in South America, Venezuela can never be a disappointing experience for its variety of breathtaking landscapes. The most interesting of these are the "tepuis", flat-topped mountains with vertical flanks that stand 1000m above the sprawling savannas. From one such mountain gushes the Angel Falls - the world’s highest waterfall (979m).

Venezuela has invested in good road networks and tourist infrastructure. One of the world’s leading exporters of petroleum, Venezuela ploughs back its funds into modernization. Despite embracing modernity, many of its people still lead traditional lives. Current developments have had fallouts – population migration to the cities has harmed farming. Importing food has become a necessity with the land not being used fully for food production.

Venezuelan girls….amazingly beautiful. No other country in the world has had more Miss Universe and Miss Worlds than Venezuela. Proud to be home of the beauty queens!

In for a game of Football? Surprisingly in Venezuela, it does not mean ‘football’ but soccer. So be sure what the Venezuelans really mean when they invite you for a game!

Legal at the age of 14? In Venezuela the legal age of marriage for girls is 14 and that for boys is 12. Most of the girls even have their babies by the time they are 16. Quick going, isn’t it?

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