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Best Time to Visit Wales

Wales does not get unbearably hot or cold at any time of the year, but the best weather is in spring and summer, when it’s fairly pleasant. Summers, however, are when the tourist season peaks, accommodation facilities get full and most tourist destinations are crowded. Winters, except in the upper reaches of the mountains, are generally not too cold, but you might find that many tourist attractions shut down between October and Easter. The best time to visit the country, therefore, is around spring, when the weather’s good, places aren’t too crowded, and you’re likely to be able to see and do everything you want to.


The climate of Wales is predominantly maritime - the weather’s fairly temperate throughout the year, neither getting too hot nor too cold at any time -even in the worst winters, the temperature rarely goes below 4°C. Rainfall however, is pretty high, with precipitation averaging around 55 inches per year. In the winter, this takes the form of snow in the highlands, where snowfall can be quite high.

The average temperature in Wales ranges from a high of about 16°C in July and August to a low of around 4°C in January. What is perhaps most significant about the weather in Wales is that it’s annoyingly unpredictable (which is actually true of much of the UK) - and drippy miserable weather tends to be too common for comfort!

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