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  • Chanderi Sari, Bhopal

    Bhopal, India

    Bhopal, the charming capital of India’s largest state, Madhya Pradesh is also referred as the City of Lakes because of the two beautiful lakes that are situated in the center whereas the city itself is situated on gently rolling hills.
    Bhopal was the site of the world’s worst industrial disaster till date. The reason being that in 1984 the accidental leakage of toxic chemicals from Union Carbide factory, which released deadly fumes of Methylisocyanate gas, killed thousands of residents.
  • Lall Garh Palace, Bikaner

    Bikaner, India

    Undulating and shifting sand dunes in the rugged Thar Desert open out to a magnificent heritage city of forts, palaces and markets, fortified against marauders by seven km long embattlements.
    Want to know all there is to know about camels? Visit the Camel Research Centre just 8 kms away from Bikaner and get educated on camels. It is the best such institute in Asia. Visitors are allowed between 2.30 and 5.00 pm in the afternoon.
    330  kms from Jaipur 7.00 hrs
    446  kms from Delhi 8.00 hrs
  • Chennai Silk Saree

    Chennai, India

    The city that for a long long time was Madras is still hot and fiery as "Chennai" which is what it has been called since 1996.
    The city of Chennai is famous for a number of Hindu shrines and attracts a large number of devotees all year round.
    334  kms from Bengaluru (Bangalore) 8.00 hrs
  • Carvings on a temple, Tamil Nadu

    Chidambaram, India

    Chidambaram maybe a small town in Tamil Nadu, but is high on tourism and is the highlight of the temple circuit because of its famous shrine dedicated to the Dancing Destroyer.
    In Chidambaram, you will find a large number of families in the gold and silver ornament making business. The art is passes on from one generation to the next. Most of the artifacts are hand-made and hence are rich in quality and artistry.
  • Cochin Beach

    Cochin & Ernakulam, India

    Kochi, or more familiarly, Cochin is a city of many parts. Around for a long, long time, Kochi played a pivotal role in the development of shipping and trade in the region.
    Jew Town in Mattancherry is home for the 20 odd Jews who still live in India, mostly old timers; they chose to stay on even after the creation of Israel and the immigration by most of the younger generation of Jews to the Promised Land.
  • Jain Temple Gwalior, India

    Gwalior, India

    Situated on the northernmost fringe of MP, barely 120 km south of Agra and five hours from Delhi, Gwalior is a perfect place to start a trip to Madhya Pradesh.
    Gwalior is known for its rich cultural heritage towards art and architecture. So a trip without visiting all the important sites would definitely be considered a waste.
    326  kms from Delhi 7.00 hrs
  • Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad

    Hyderabad, India

    Hyderabad was spun into a city with the yarn of love. The tale runs in the land of fancy but is probably true.
    The Salar Jung Museum is the single largest collection of art and artefacts by one person. Do not miss visiting the museum! Ramoji Film Studios is supposed to be the largest film studio in the world covering over 1600 acres.
  • Amer Fort, Jaipur

    Jaipur, India

    The picturesque heritage city of Jaipur in India was chosen as the capital of the new state of Rajasthan, the land of the rajas, which was created after India's independence by merging the princely states of the region.
    If you're going to dine at Niros definitely try the 'Laal Maas' there! It's a great dish that will have you craving for more.
    265  kms from Delhi 6.00 hrs
  • Amar Sagar in Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer, India

    Jaisalmer is a breathtaking heritage city that lies in the heart of the Thar Desert near Rajasthan's remote western border, surrounded by sand dunes.
    Jaisalmer Fort, Havelis and Gadsisar Lake are the places that are not to be missed out on your trip to this beautiful city. A visit to the havelis of Jaisalmer will remind you of the grandiose Rajputana culture that exudes valour, martial pride, warmth and passion.
  • People of Jodhpur, Rajasthan

    Jodhpur, India

    The heritage city of Jodhpur was once the capital of the strong and powerful kingdom of Marwar, Rajasthan’s largest princely state.
    While in Jodhpur don’t miss out on the famous Marwar Festival- for an insight in the royal yesteryears! The festival is held in the months of October and November.
    595  kms from Delhi 12.00 hrs
    460  kms from Ahmedabad 9.00 hrs
    329  kms from Jaipur 7.00 hrs
  • More matching destinations
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