Christopher Street Day 2020
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Christopher Street Day 2020

Christopher Street or Gay Parade 2020

When: October 2020 (Date to be confirmed)
Where: Germany

Christopher Street Day is celebrated every year in recognition to the gay rights. The day is also significant for lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals as a vow is taken to treat all these communities with equal respect. The events at the festival are followed by street processions, stage programmes and solo performances of professional artists and at almost every spot you will find information stands keeping you updated about the very next event. From film screenings, panel discussions, parties, barbeques, political discussions, seminars and other cultural activities, Christopher Street Day has everything for every gay and lesbian person.

Apart from the Christopher Street Day parade, the festival in the Old Town of Cologne, the AIDS-Gala of the AIDS-Hilfe Cologne and the Colour-Party are also an essential part of the Christopher Street Day Festival. The origin of Christopher Street Day is to celebrate the pride in Gay and Lesbian culture. The large parade is carried throughout the city and with over 1 million participants, the festival for the gay community is gaining momentum year by year!

The celebrations are centered around Marienplatz and Rindmarkt. A great festive atmosphere prevails and the gay community celebrates their sexuality. Flagging off the celebrations with a parade starting in Old Town, Marienplatz over 50 floats take part, drag queens grace the occasion replete in their feather boas and high heels. This is a time when the gay community to come out in full force and demand recognition with many political speeches being delivered. It’s a fun time to be part of these celebrations with riotous comedy acts being performed. Many celebrations and races are held, with the highlight of this event being the ''high heels race'', where it is a treat to watch the contestants scrambling to win wearing high heels, handbags et al.

The Rindmarkt area, just a 5 minutes away from marienplatz is also a place of celebration with huge stages that have well known DJs mixing music and everyone dancing in gay abandon! So come be a part of the Christopher Street Day event in Munich!


It fun, its colourful, its Christopher Street Day in Hamburg! The Gay Pride week kicks off with speeches and parades. The CSD celebrations are a time for fun and festivity, but it is also about creating awareness, acceptance and demanding equal rights for the gay community.

Parades that host colourful floats roll out onto the streets of the city, the LGBT community is out in full force and there is much merriment with street parties, music and dancing.

The motto this year is 'Show yourself. Out is in!' So be there to support the burgeoning gay community and take part in the feisty celebrations.

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