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Braj Holi

As we know by now that the festival of Holi is celebrated all over India with great fervour but the most popular Holi is celebrated in well-known Braj bhoomi that include Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Nandgaon, Phalen and Barsana. All these places have played a very important role in Hindu mythology, where Lord Krishna spent his childhood.

Visit these places during Holi festival and enjoy the enormously colourful ambiance. Devotional religious songs and people dipped in stunning colours make for a delightful spectacle.

Want to witness some unique Holi celebrations? Visit Phalen, Nandagao and Barsana where you will find a slight difference in the ways people at these places celebrate Holi.

In Phalen, a huge bonfire is lit on the full moon night to commemorate Prahlad-Holika episode, which is re-enacted here. The nail-biting fact is that the local priests of Phalen walk through the lighted fire during this occasion and come out unharmed!

If you are strong enough to enjoy being beaten up then visit Barsana and try a unique way of celebrating Holi.

Braj Holi is popularly known as 'lath maar holi' during which the men of Nandgao raid Barsana and seek to smear their victory over the temple of Radhika by placing their flag over it. On the other hand the women of Barsana try to stop these men in achieving their goal by beating them up with long bamboo sticks.

These men are not allowed to hit back women but can only try to keep them off by sprinkling colours on them or hitting them.

The fun part begins when any man gets trapped by these women. The trapped man is dressed up like a lady in a saree with makeup and is made to dance like one. It is said that even Lord Krishna was made to dance like a lady by Barsana women.

The very next day, the same scene is repeated in Nandgao as men of Barsana raid the village to win over temple of Shri Ji and women of Nandgao beat them with sticks to keep them off.


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