Holi Festival Celebration in India
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Holi Celebrations in India

Celebrations begin a night before the festival of colour with ‘Holika Dahan’ which is burning the symbolic Holika, i.e., a heap of old things, sticks, leaves and branches. The bonfire symbolises victory of good over the evil.

Holi signifies the theme of universal brotherhood. And true to its theme, it celebrates freedom from the social restrictions and allows people to mingle amongst themselves irrespective of caste, creed, colour or sex. People celebrate the festival by playing with colours and applying colours on each others’ faces.

Ammo for Holi includes water pistols, gulaal - coloured powder, coloured water - and the rest we leave to your imagination! Fortunately the bent these days is towards natural and eco friendly colours. Children in particular enjoy by playing with gulaal, throwing water filled balloons and splash everybody with colourful water using their water gun 'Pichkari.'

The merriment continues with people exchanging good wishes, eating holi delicacies such as gujia, puran poli, malpuas and drinking ‘Thandai’ a cold drink intoxicated with ‘bhaang’. Holi parties too are organised by some people and people dance to the beats of traditional drums and Holi folk songs.


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