Holi Safety Tips
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Holi Safety Tips

Being the festival of colours, Holi is a festival of bright coloured faces. But one should take it into consideration that the colours available in the markets today are full of chemicals and have adverse reactions to the skin. Below are some of the precautions given which you can take into account while playing this festival of colours:

• If you want to enjoy Holi to its fullest make sure to play safe. The best option would be to play with natural organic colours.

• Use more of red or pink colours that can also be taken off easily. Gaudy colours like purple, green etc may have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.

• Make sure you oil your hair well before playing Holi so that the colour doesn’t stick on your hair and will be washed off quickly. You may also cover your hair with a cap or scarf to avoid any damage to your hair.

• Also apply thick cream on your face and thick coating of nail paint on your nails to keep them protected.

• If you heading to visit Nandgao or Barsana for ‘lath maar’ Holi then make sure you are well padded.

• Holi is famous for its traditional rich food like gujiyaas and chole bhature and drinks like bhaang and thandaai. Avoid over indulgence in bhang or food to enjoy the festivities to its fullest.

• In case the attempt to save your face from a colour attack fails, make sure to keep your eyes and lips tightly shut.


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