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Salzburg Festival 2020

Music Festival

When: Cancelled
Where: Salzburg, Austria

International musicians and music lovers come together in Salzburg to pay tribute to the musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The aura is reminiscent of a bygone era as the sparkle of the snow-capped Alps is rivalled by the glitter and glamour of celebrities arriving at opera houses and theatres. The Salzburg Festival transcends its raison d’etre to become the social event of the season. Salzburg city, with its strong musical heritage, welcomes all to the biggest music festival held annually since 1920. The brainchild of Reinhardt, Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the Salzburg Festival is a very old institution. Its inspiration is Mozart and its philosophy is to share the legacy of classical European music.

This is Mozart's birthplace and music rules. The world's best, the most renowned and brilliant of artists - tenors, sopranos, composers, conductors and musicians - take music to new heights to produce inspired performances. The concerts span the entire genre, orchestral, ensemble, chamber, solo, opera and drama.

Over the years, the Salzburg Festival, specifically from 1990 - 2001 gained a much broader and more contemporary repertoire of classical music. Since 2002, the festival has been presenting the work of 19th century in a new light, attracting a large number of audiences.

Visit Salzburg during this festival season and immerse yourself in the pleasure of outstanding performances. Salzburg is easily accessible from a number of European cities. Read here for additional information on how to reach Salzburg and where to stay in Salzburg.

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