Bull Running, San Fermin Fiesta, Pamplona, Spain
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Pamplona Bull Festival 2020

San Fermin Fiesta 2020

When: Cancelled
Where: Pamplona, Spain

The Cult of the Bull ties up with the Cult of Bacchus to create a nine day long festival that is as wild as it is unusual as it is radical. Bulls run wild through the narrow streets of Pamplona, Spain to set into motion the fiesta of the city's patron saint Sao Fermin. In a ceremony that dates back to the 16th century, the bulls are let out from their corrals, driven and chased through the streets to the Bull Ring in a frenetic scramble of push and shove! The frenzy and excitement builds up to a crescendo of pure unadulterated adrenalin high!

It's an eclectic and dangerous mix that attracts the young and the old, the pious and the profane, the devout and the debauch. And they all come to spend the next 216 hours in an orgy of revelry, dancing, prayers and bacchanalian excess. Pamplona dons the mantle of the happiest place in the world - blood and gore notwithstanding, it's all about spirits - of the booze and boisterous kind!

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