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Wife Carrying Championship

When: 3rd - 4th July, 2020
Where: Sonkajarvi, Finland

Love your wife? Willing to take her to the ends of the Earth? Try this for a start: carry her across 253.5 mt over sand, grass and asphalt. And the place to do it is the town of Sonkajarvi (Finland), during the annual county fair of the town. Other than the usual beer-barrel rolling and strong man competitions, the Sonkajarvi County Fair also features the Wife Carrying Championship- a handy, if somewhat difficult way of proving your ability to support your spouse through thick and thin!

This bizarre contest has its origins in the 19th century, when the area around Sonkajarvi was rife with brigands who indulged in- besides looting- the equally questionable practice of abducting local women. Not too many people are keen on taking on the law by abducting their neighbours' wives any more, but the Sonkajarvi Wife Carrying Championship tries to recreate the heat of the chase- although in this instance the spouse need not necessarily be your own. In fact, she need not even be a married woman; any female over the age of 17 will do.

Contestants are expected to carry the woman, secured to them by nothing more than a belt (if needed), over a 253.5 mt stretch, with various obstacles en route. Dropping your precious load incurs a penalty of 15 seconds, but if you manage to be the first to reach the finish line, you get to take home the grand prize: the weight of the lady in question in beer!

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