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Luxury Air Charter Business Package from Delhi

AIR CHARTER :DiscoTS and SR 22 GTS Aircrafts. Air Car is a low cost chartered air company that maintains unprecedented levels of safety and all the comforts for truly luxurious travel at a truly affordver the comfort and convenience of flying in a private jet as Air Car introduces a brand new fleet of Cirrus SR20 Gable price. Cirrus aircraft are 4 seater aircraft, with a seating capacity of 3 passengers, and will fly you to the destinations of your choice, within the radius of 500 km.

Air Car

Air Car offers business and holiday packages for you, so whether you are off on a quick business trip or wanting to give your family a ride on your very own personal aircraft, Air Car has just the package for you. As of now, Cirrus SR20 GTS and SR 22 GTS are the two aircrafts with their base in Delhi. From Delhi one can charter a flight to Shimla, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra and several other places. The Cirrus aircraft flying at an altitude of 17000 feet and at a speed of 290 km /hr, promises to be a comfortable, affordable and safe experience. Air Car is aimed to reach all the major cities of India. Currently, we have a Cirrus SR20GTS and a Cirrus SR22GTS both the aircraft are based in Delhi. Now fly to Shimla, Manali, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra etc from Delhi. The personal jet follows the Cirrus philosophy path to grow and enhance the entire personal aviation industry.
Aircraft Highlights
Holiday Package Seating Capacity - 2 Passengers
Holiday Package Speed – 290 Kms/hour
Holiday Package Safest Aircraft in its category
Holiday Package Brand new aircraft with all avionics of a large passenger plane
Holiday Package  Max two passengers can be accommodated in the flight
Holiday Package  100% payment on Block Flying Time must be made while booking the aircraft
Holiday Package Charge Rs.1000 per hour as detention charges ( first three hours of detention charges is free of cost )
Holiday Package Crew boarding and lodging charges would be Rs.10,000/- per day in case of night halt.
Holiday Package Client reserves the right to arrange for crew accommodation and meal directly and in such a scenario, the point mentioned above will not be applicable.
Holiday Package Watch hour extension charges would be Rs.1,500/- per hour.
Holiday Package 50% of charges based on Block/Estimated Flying Time will be deducted in case a confirmed booking is cancelled between "24 to 12" Hours before Estimated Time of Departure.
Holiday Package  80% of charges based on Block/Estimated Flying Time will be deducted incase a confirmed booking is cancelled between "12 to 6" Hours of Estimated Time of Departure.
Holiday Package 100% charges based on Block/Estimated Flying Time will be deducted in case of "No Show" and "Cancellation" of Confirmed Booking between 6 Hours to Estimated time of Departure
Holiday Package  Aircraft is subject to availability and airworthiness.
Holiday Package  In case, if the flight has to be diverted to some other sector/s due to bad weather or other technical reason/s or due to non availability of the parking space or for refueling at the destination airport or due to non- availability of the night parking facilities at the destination airport, the client would bear the cost of the additional sector/s and Hours flown along with crew accommodation and lodging.
Holiday Package  Incase the FDTL of pilots is broken the next day, 2 hours additional flying time will be charged to the client.
Holiday Package   Maximum baggage allowed is One Hand Computer Bag subject to approval of Pilot.
Holiday Package  Any baggage if allowed by the Pilot will be charged @ Rs.200/- per baggage. Any additional baggage booked shall be transported separately on actual payment.
Holiday Package  Any other tax levied or payable on the date of the flight shall be borne by the client.

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