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World Holidays 2016

Get details on holidays and festivals celebrated worldwide by people of different origin and customs. This section offers a list of upcoming holidays in 2016 calendar year.

Keep abreast of world events and celebrations with JourneyMart’s exhaustive list of holidays and festivals for the year 2016.

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Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in 2016
Ugadi 2016

When: 8th April, 2016
The festival of Ugadi heralds the start of a New Year in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
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Navratri 2016

When: 8th Apr 2016 - 16th April 2016
‘Navratri’ meaning ‘nine nights’ is a significant Hindu festival, which is celebrated twice a year - ‘Chaitra’ or ‘Vasant Navratri’ (March-April), and ‘Sharad Navratri’ (October-November). Both the celebrations center on the worship of Goddess Shakti.
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Baisakhi Festival

When: 13th April 2016
Baisakhi,is New Year's Day in Punjab. And, like New Year across the world, it's celebrated with much gusto.
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Easter 2016

When: Sunday, 27 March 2016
The arrival of Spring symbolises rebirth and regeneration, a renewal of life, a sense of hope and brings with it the charm and magic of ancient festivals like Easter.
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