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Adventure Holidays

Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays are all about experiencing an adrenaline rush, trepidation and excitement. An adventure enthusiast never feels more alive as he does while taking up adventure sports. Indulging in an adventure sport involves hazardous and challenging actions and there are numerous places around the world that boast of a never-ending list of exciting adventure activities. So if you are an adrenaline junkie and have set up a target to climb the highest mountain, to dive the deepest sea, to hike through treacherous trails and to fight against the gushing rapids then a perfect adventure holiday is all you need! Gear up, visit various parts of the world and explore the amazing adventure holiday destinations with us.

For adventure sports in India head to Gulmarg or Auli to ski in the month of January, make tracks to the Western Ghats of Maharashtra to discover winding valley routes and trails or go white water rafting in Rishikesh, the options are plenty. If you are looking for other extreme sports then visit New Zealand’s Taupo for skydiving, Hawaii for surfing, the Alps in Switzerland for skiing or Grand Teton/Yellowstone National Park at Wyoming in Western United States for mountain biking, the list of such adventure sports around the world is countless.

Whether it is mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, skiing, river rafting, kayaking, zorbing, sand-surfing or any other extreme adventure sport, our research and information will further help you figure out the best time to go for the sport, the best destination to undertake a particular adventure sport and other necessary information about it.

India offers plenty of scope for adventure sports and outdoor activities, having something in store for every adventurous traveller. From trekking in the mountains, to angling in fast flowing rivers, from paragliding to scuba diving in the clearest of waters, India is an outdoor and adventure enthusiasts playground that is bound to thrill!
Is adventure your passion? Do you get your high when you are stretched to the limit? If yes, then there's a whole world of adventure that awaits you. Mountain biking in Canada, skydiving in Australia, trekking in the jungles of the Amazon, scuba diving in the Caribbean.. the list is endless. Come take the plunge -the great outdoors beckons!


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