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Famous Festivals in 2020 - 21

The dictionary describes a festival as "a time of celebration marked by special observances", as "a merrymaking" or "a joyous celebration or anniversary". What that really means is a long series of processions, singing and music, maybe even some dances, a bit of feasting and a drop or two of drink- and the festival's over. Fun? Definitely.

If you happen to be travelling in the next couple of months, don’t miss these upcoming festivals. In July the Poryong Mud Festival in South Korea tends to get really mucky so you may want to watch the fun from the wings. In Germany love is in the air at the happening Love Parade and in August Edinburgh turns into one big stage where anyone can show off their talent at the Fringe Festival and if that is not enough then head to Valencia in Spain and get involved in tomato throwing and feasting at the La Tomatino Fest. Come September and all roads lead to Munich for the Oktoberfest where you can drown in the mellow yellow liquid called Beer! It promises to be one big long party…

So celebrate, have fun, make merry, let your hair down - yes, that’s what a really, really good festival is all about!

Festivals & Holidays in 2020 - 21

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Festivals and Holidays in 2020 - 21


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