Biarritz Surfing Festival
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Biarritz Surf Festival 2020

When: 10 - 13 July, 2020
Where: Biarritz, France

All the surfing enthusiasts are invited at the India Surf Festival to be held in Puri, Orissa in the month of February.
The Biarritz Surf Festival is a famous Summer Surf Event which takes place in July in France. Professional surfers come together in the Surfing Festival to be a part of the biggest surf event in the town. The Surfing Festival attracts hordes of tourists from all over the world to come and spend a fun filled exciting vacation just doing nothing but surfing.

The Surfing Event is famous for its long board contests, demonstrations of tandem surfing, paddle board racing, bodysurfing, Tahitian pirogues and other thrilling water activities. The festival tends to attract more than 150000 spectators, who come to watch the various contests, try their luck at water sports and also to revel in the celebrations, with music, dance, films and parties continuing well through the evenings. The global appeal of the festival is duly reflected in the diversity of participants, with hundreds arriving from multiple corners of the globe.

Biarritz is a town near Bayonne in France known for surfing, music, dance, beaches, golfing and much more. The airport is just 2 km from the Biarritz city centre. Air carriers like Air France and Ryanair operates on regular basis from Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Paris to reach to Biarritz.

The Surfing spirit continues year after year. So come and be a part of the Biarritz Surfing Festival. The five day long Surfing Festival will surely grip you with excitement.

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