St Patrick's Day
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St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day - Green Rules - It's Irish all the way!

When: 17th March 2018
Where: Nationwide

Possibly Christendom's most prominent saint, St Patrick is familiar even to the unchristian. The patron saint of Ireland because he brought Christianity to the island, his death anniversary and feast day is celebrated on the 17th of March. St. Patrick's Day falls during the Christian season of Lent and Lent prohibitions are relaxed to allow people to dance, drink and devour meat!

Ireland uses its patron saint's feast day to showcase Irish culture - the celebration features parades, concerts, outdoor theatre shows and fireworks.

St Patrick's Day is also celebrated in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Russia but naturally the biggest St Pat's Day brouhaha happens in America. New Yorkers go green on St Patrick's Day - green clothes, green flowers, green shamrocks, green hats, green beers, green bagels, green water fountains, even the Empire State Building goes the Irish way!

Earlier St Patrick's Day parades were simpler affairs, a return to roots for Irish soldiers serving in the English Army in America as they marched down New York's streets in time to bagpipes and drumbeats. As more and more Irishmen, women and children joined in the parades, it metamorphosed into a coming together of the community and a show of strength.

Very soon annual St Patrick's Day parades transformed the Irish into a major player in American democracy’s game of numbers. Local politicians acknowledged the indigent and underprivileged Irish immigrants as a powerful vote bank and their patronage helped the Irish overcome racial prejudice and national stereotypes.


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